Hand gestures

This time, I'm giving you some thoughts on hand gestures in presentations - see what you think!


Check out this great video in which I take the viewers through some tongue twisters. I use 'Prezi' for my presentations as I love the way it moves.

Lulu eBooks

A Virgin Land: The Use of Space in Selected Virginia Woolf Novels - only £6.99


This attempts to examine Virginia Woolf’s attitude to the interaction between the central characters and their surroundings in three novels, The Waves, Jacob’s Room and To the Lighthouse. It tries to discover whether Woolf believed that the natural world has no effect on her characters, or does she think it is essentially important? Following a close reading of passages from a selection of her novels, attempts are made to ascertain the effect of different skies over her characters’ heads (after a quote from Jacob’s Room), different grounds beneath her characters’ feet and different views in their vision. 

Elocution Training Lesson 1 eBook - only £4.99


 A transcript of the audio recording for Elocution Training Programme, Lesson 1, by Pauline Midwinter of Midwinter Tuition.  In this lesson you will learn basic breathing techniques, a vocal warm up, how to work with some of the vowels, how to use the consonants, how to achieve consistency with vowel sounds, a great poem to read and suggestions for moving forward.